Calidad y cuidado en el detalle



Every single guitar I make is unique. All my Guitars are made by hand and every single piece of it, as well. Since the selection of the Wood till the setting of the strings I try to look for the excellence and care for every single detail. That is my reason to exist.



Since very Young when being a apprentice of the Spanish guitar making, I was deeply interested, looked up and study closely, like an obsession, the art of how the best luthiers in the past made the guitars, specially the Romantics, Antonio de Torres, Hauser, Friederich, Miguel Rodriguez, Manuel Reyes, Manuel Rarmirez and nowadays my current friend and master in Romantic Guitars, Angel Benito Aguado.



During last 15 years I have been focused on researching new technologies to be applied to the classical guitar making. I also have the feeling this experience is the most gratifying and enriching task I have ever done. The result of fusing together the art of making Classical Guitars by hand and the new technologies are excellent Guitars, being the Catedral the one standing out.

Handmade and unique

Every guitar I make is unique. From the choice of wood to the placement of the strings, taking care of all the details. It is my reason for being.

Manuel Adalid Series

Manuel Adalid Luthier